City of Studio City

Studio City

Studio City is regarded as the “Jewel of the Valley” attracting actors, musicians, and writers, and serving as a gateway to the Westside and Hollywood.

It is the most centrally located community in LA.

It has safe, walkable and dog friendly neighborhoods, with great restaurants and streets lined with lush trees.

The majority of Studio City residents are upper class; on average bringing home $97K-plus annually. 34% of Studio City residents have earned their bachelor’s degrees, 11.4 % their masters, and 3.9 % their doctorates.

The Studio City cultural scene is based around, shopping, food, and drink. In fact, one can spend an entire day walking up and down the city’s famous Ventura Boulevard exploring the countless boutiques and enjoying a fabulous lunch at one of the neighborhood’s locally-owned restaurants.

Schools in Studio City

Carpenter Community Charter School

Campbell Hall School

Bridges Academy

Different Pockets Of Studio City

Colfax Meadows

Colfax Meadows, with approximately 900 homes, was one of Studio City’s original neighborhoods – Now it’s one of Studio City Real Estate’s most popular and established neighborhoods. Colfax Meadows is in Los Angeles County, California bordered by Moorpark on the north, Ventura Boulevard on the south, Colfax Avenue on the west and Tujunga Avenue on the east. People bought here for the large lots and the recognition that this was a great place for multi-generational families — much the same reasons they buy here today. In Colfax Meadows a large parcel of rural land was first developed in the 1920s and named for Schuyler Colfax, vice president under President Ulysses S. Grant from 1869 to 1873.

In both the old and new, Colfax Meadows’ streets are a hodgepodge of small 1930s bungalows and traditional homes, side by side with large, newly built homes. There is one discernible difference, however, between homes in the original Colfax Meadows and the extended neighborhood: The original neighborhood still has no sidewalks along the streets, which are bordered by abundant sycamore, palm and orange trees. The sprawling ranch-style homes built in the 1930s dominate the older section, but the lots, which run as large as 24,000 square feet, have been gradually pared down.

Today, Colfax Meadows is a mixture of large homes on large lots (on streets running east/west) and smaller homes on smaller lots with sidewalks. The area shares a similar history and architecture with Footbridge Square, but with large lots or large homes. There are no through streets to the river, which limits traffic, and pockets of greenery off the river make walking pleasant.

Colfax Meadows has a unique situation when it comes to public elementary school options. All residents of Colfax Meadows have the option of selecting the Carpenter Community Charter School and depending on the location within Colfax Meadows, you can select Colfax Elementary or Rio Vista Elementary. Colfax Meadows is best known for its proximity to the trendy Tujunga Village which features such delights as the Aroma Cafe, Vitellos, Sweet Rose Creamery, The Gelato Bar, and many other boutiques and hair salons. Tujunga Commercial District is nestled between Colfax Meadows and the Tujunga Village Neighborhoods.

Fryman Estates

Fryman Estates is located north of Ventura Blvd, East of Laurel Canyon and South of Mulholland.
The Fryman Estates is a prestigious neighborhood in Studio City, CA.
The adjacent neighborhood is Laurelwood, affectionately known as the “Donas” (pronounced donnas) because the names of the streets all begin with Dona, such as Dona Alicia and Dona Pepita.
The homes in the Fryman Estates were all originally built as “custom” houses.  As such all of the homes have their own unique presence. The homes in the Fryman Estates are large houses, typically situated on large lots. Because of its proximity to both Hollywood and the major studios such as CBS, Warner Brothers, Universal, and Disney, the Fryman Estates has become a much sought after area for actors, producers, directors, and writers. Many famous people live in the Fryman Estates such as George Clooney and Alex Trebek of the show Jeopardy.
The area is desired also because of its tranquility and natural surroundings.  Located right next to the Fryman Estates is Fryman Canyon Park. This park of 122 acres offers spectacular views, a fitness course, and access to the Betty B. Dearing Cross Mountain Trail. The Dearing Trail traverses the park and connects to Wilacre Park, Franklin Canyon, and Coldwater Canyon Park. The park is abundant with native chaparral, year round springs, and deeply wooded canyons.

The Grove

This is a very small area East of Laurel Canyon , West of CBS Studios, South of Moorpark and North of the wash.  When you say “The Grove” today everyone thinks of the retail and entertainment complex in Los Angeles and it seems that most have forgotten that this enclave has a name but those of us that have been selling homes in the Valley for years would love to be able to put their sign up in front of any one of the approximately 85 single family homes in The Grove. There is just something special about The Grove and the people that call it home. Like most of the upscale neighborhoods in The San Fernando Valley a lot of the original homes built in the thirties, forties and fifties are gone but on the rare occasion that a home goes on the market in The Grove you could luck out and get one of the cottages or ranches (there is even one or two Melenthine homes there) that give the area such character.

Silver Triangle

The Silver Triangle, as it’s called by local residents, is just south of Ventura Boulevard. It’s name comes from it’s slightly triangular shape with Ventura Boulevard being one side, Laurel Canyon another, and Laurel Terrace as the rough hypotenuse. The location of these homes are ideal as they are only steps away from the trendy shops and restaurants of one of the best stretches of Ventura Boulevard. Starbucks, The Gap, Mexicali, The Counter, and Umami Burger are just a few of the attractions nearby.  This area is also adjacent to the Carpenter Avenue Elementary Charter School.

Woodbridge Park

Located below moorpark and east of Tujunga is rated one of the top 10 neighborhoods in Los Angeles. There is an amazing park there along with Aroma Cafe, a favorite local hangout and Vitello restaurant. Along the strip on Tujunga are popular restaurants and boutique shopping.


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