For Buyers

I sit down with my buyer(s) and share with them all of the steps that are involved in the process of buying a house. From finding the right mortgage lender, to finding the perfect house, to the process of going through escrow. As one might expect there is a lot involved in buying a home. I am amazed how often realtors do not properly break it down for their clients. For example, not all mortgage lenders can get the same deal with the banks. It is always good to shop lenders. Finding the right house is not an easy task. I like my buyers to write a must have list and a would like to have list for the house that they are looking for. Some buyers really want a certain neighborhood and there might not be much inventory in that neighborhood. I will write letters to those property owners to see if someone would like to sell, creating new inventory. How you write a purchase agreement could be the difference in getting or not getting a house. I like to share my knowledge with my buyers so they can make the most informed decision possible.

For Sellers

I utilize the most advanced marketing techniques for maximum exposure. Too many agents just put up a sign, add the house to a multiple listing service and pray for a buyer. You might get lucky, but with the right marketing you will get more money for your property. Also, contacting other top agents in the neighborhood is very important. There are so many generations of buyers, a great agent will know how to get in front of each one. Certain homes should have international marketing. The correct pricing of a property in todays market is critical to maximize top dollar. Knowing the purchase agreement is extremely important as it is constantly changing. If you have multiple offers and one offer is a lot higher than the other, should you automatically accept that offer? You need to delve into the details. The highest price is not always the best. I give my sellers the knowledge that they need to get them the price that they want.


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