For Sellers

My average sale price of a listing for sellers is 96.4 %. The average agents % of list price they actually end up selling for is 82.9%. On a million-dollar home that is approximately $134,000 of a difference. That is a considerable amount to put towards the purchase of your next property or stick back into your bank account.

I also sell homes for sellers four times as fast as the average agent. What does that mean for a seller? Less stress. Less interruption of your busy life, more time for family and friends, and more time to plan your move.

One of the ways I manage to sell this fast is by using the latest marketing tools to our advantage.

I market more than most agents by using targeted Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Affinity marketing, international marketing etc. I also do a lot of direct marketing. There is much more to selling a house than just putting it in the MLS, sticking a sign in the front-yard and praying for a buyer.

Please email me at or call me at 818-392-8550 so I can help you sell your home.


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