Coast to Coast: Exploring America Starting from Los Angeles

Every great journey begins with a vision, and mine commenced with a heartfelt desire: to traverse the vast, sprawling and fascinating landscapes of America. With my love for exploration and a backpack filled with essentials, I embarked on a voyage across this astonishing country. Today, I invite you to join me as I recount my journey, setting off from the City of Angels.

1. Starting Point: Los Angeles

A kaleidoscope of glamour, culture, and beautiful chaos, Los Angeles was my jumping-off point. From the glittering allure of Hollywood and the serene beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, to the artistic enclave of Silver Lake, and the vibrant streets of Koreatown, Los Angeles offers a multi-faceted experience that is both unique and familiar. And let’s not forget the beautiful hiking trails leading up to the iconic Hollywood sign, providing spectacular views over the city’s expanse.

2. Heading North: San Francisco

A short flight (or a scenic drive) up the coast, and I found myself in the heart of San Francisco. From the charming houses of Painted Ladies to the bustling marketplace of Fisherman’s Wharf, and the remarkable feat of engineering that is the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco pulses with life and creativity. Make sure to ride the historic cable cars and explore the cultural diversity that the city’s neighborhoods offer.

3. Towards the Heartland: Denver

My next stop took me to the mountain city of Denver. The combination of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure here is unmatched. The city’s thriving art scene, multitude of craft breweries, and its proximity to the Rocky Mountains for those much-needed nature trails make Denver an intriguing and rewarding destination.

4. Southern Charm: Austin

Journeying south led me to Austin, the capital of Texas. Renowned for its lively music scene, Austin indeed lives up to its nickname as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. However, it’s not just about the music. Austin’s burgeoning tech scene, historic landmarks, and excellent Tex-Mex cuisine all contribute to the city’s unique, laid-back charm.

5. Historical Walks: Washington D.C.

My journey concluded in the nation’s capital. Washington D.C. is steeped in history and grandeur, with monuments and museums at every corner. The National Mall, home to iconic landmarks including the Lincoln Memorial, the U.S. Capitol, and the Washington Monument, is a testament to the country’s rich history and resilience.

This whirlwind journey through America was indeed an adventure of a lifetime, offering rich insights into the country’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and people. Each city left its unique imprint, and together, they painted a vibrant portrait of America that’s as beautiful as it is complex. This was a journey not just across America, but through the soul of America.

Blayne Pacelli


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