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City Of Sherman Oaks

Located in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California, the Sherman Oaks has been a star property ever since it was started in 1927. The population density of Los Angeles is relatively lower and it also includes a part of Santa Monica Mountains, making Sherman Oaks a great neighborhood with low population density.

History of Sherman Oaks

Gen. Moses Hazeltine Sherman, a partner of the then popular Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company, started Sherman Oaks after there was an offset of 1000 acres to develop Sherman Oaks. Back in 1927, the prices were cheap and one acre of land was available for as low as $780. In the same time, Sherman was also involved actively in the Los Angeles Pacific Railroad project.

There was a petition running against Sherman Oaks to redraw the boundary running from Magnolia to Burbank Boulevard in the north, Coldwater Canyon to Van Nuys Boulevard in the west; such that another neighborhood is included under Sherman Oaks. The residents of these areas were able to file the petition successfully with Zev Yaroslavasky in 1991 and it was a request that was common in the San Fernando Valley; as residents wanted to associate themselves with a neighborhood of better social status. As per the petition filed, the residents claimed that their neighborhood was originally to be a part of Sherman Oaks and they were also able to support it using property deeds to prove their claim. This area was later named Van Nuys so that there was an amicable solution.

Eventually, after the Chandler Estates area was classified as Sherman Oaks and the Magnolia Woods and San Diego Freeway were included, Marvin Braude, a city council member in the Los Angeles City received a petition to secede from the area of Van Nuys and be clubbed with Sherman Oaks, as the petitioners claimed that they were originally a part of Sherman Oaks! However, there were only 22 property deeds to substantiate the claim and hence, the Van Nuys Middle School was then separated.

After a period of calm, in 2009, the Los Angeles City council decided to redraw the neighborhood and as a result, 1,800 homes that were previously a part of Van Nuys became a part of Sherman Oaks. This move, however, was not appreciated by the locals.

Education in Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks boasts of multiple educational institutes. Some of the popular ones are:


·        Notre Dame High School

Among the age group of 25+, 45% of the residents in Sherman Oaks have a four year degree, which is higher than the average of the country and city. Also, the fraction of citizens who have or are pursuing a masters’ degree is also higher.

Some of the popular schools in LAUSD include:

·        Van Nuys Middle School

A part of the Van Nuys community till 1991, this became a part of Sherman Oaks after Marvin Braude redirected this area to be a part of Sherman Oaks.

Science Academy

·        Kester Avenue Elementary School

·        Chandler Elementary School

·        Robert A. Millikan Middle School

·        Sherman Oaks Elementary

·        Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary

·        Riverside Drive Elementary School

The charter schools that fall in the vicinity of Sherman Oaks are as follows:

·        Ivy Bound Academy for Math, Science and Technology on Morrison Street

This academy lies in the areas of Sherman Oaks, Magnolia Woods and come under the ambit of Van Nuys High School.

Based on a news article in 1993, it was found that the residents of Sherman Oaks do not have school aged children and if they do, they send most of them to private schools.

The private schools in the neighborhood are as follows:

Harvard Westlake

·        Notre Dame High School

·        The Buckley School

·        Village Glen School


There are different pockets in Sherman Oaks neighborhood such as Chandler Estates, Weddington Estates, Fashion Square, Hidden Woods, Magnolia Woods, Dixie Canyon, Longridge Estates, etc.. Every area has its own vibe. There are parts of chandler estates that feed into erwin elementary so you have to be aware. For more information please email me or give me a call.




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